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Our team and I have decided to test a new platform for trading cryptocurrency and other assets, called Pocket Option.

Pocket Option is an online binary option and Forex broker that runs on Metatrader 5. With Pocket Option, you can trade on hundreds of different assets using a variety of instruments. The site also provides you with the opportunity to invest in various types of markets as well.

Pocket Option

Pocket Option

The official website of the project greets us with a pleasant dark blue color scheme. As the "About Us" section says: the platform was created by professionals in their field - IT specialists, financial consultants, etc.

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Bonus 50%
Minimum deposit 50$

The task of the team was to make a high-quality product with the help of which millions of people around the world can access the global exchange and that it is cheap, convenient, and, most importantly, reliable.

You have to understand that a huge number of platforms on the market is a scam and it is very pleasant to find such pearls among all this rubbish.

Pocket Option

Pocket Option

Thus, Pocket Option sets a new standard in the offshore broker market, since thanks to Pocket Option, the entry threshold for an inexperienced, novice user who wants to succeed in asset trading is significantly reduced (and that’s not an exaggeration!).

The company first entered the market with its product back in 2017 (does everyone remember this wonderful year?) when the entire market was oversaturated with binary options brokers, which is why most people had (and still have) a very negative perception in regards to them.

Since then, the platform has been functioning quite successfully to this day. Opening an account will not pose any problems, even for a novice trader.

In this article, we’re going to answer the most frequently asked questions regarding the Pocket Option.

Is Pocket Option legit?

Pocket Option App. Is it available on IOS and Android?

Pocket Option Demo. Is it there and do I need to sign up to try it?

Pocket Option Login. What’s about it?

Don’t you worry, lads & gals.

We’ll be covering all those topics in a second.

Pocket Option review 2023

Some advantages and features of the platform:

  • The company is not new to the binary options market, as we mentioned earlier, they have been operating since 2017.
  • The platform works with worldwide coverage, as the goal of the platform developers was to make binary options trading available around the globe, so any trader, regardless of location or nationality, can easily join Pocket Option!
  • All that is required of you is a desire to excel in the stock market and a...sense of purpose, so to speak.
  • Trading is available on hundreds of different financial assets using a huge number of financial instruments for successful trading, ranging from binary options to Forex.
  • Multi-platform Pocket Option allows you to trade both on a computer and as an application, allowing you to use Pocket Option for trading on various gadgets. All you need is uninterrupted Internet access for comfortable work in order to avoid financial losses.

Other advantages include:

The platform is officially approved for trading and providing online brokerage services in more than 90+ countries around the world.

More than 30,000 active users worldwide.

The presence of a demo account, which will allow you to practice your trading skills before trying out with live trading.

Regulation by large financial institutions, so you can be sure that the platform is not a scam and your deposit will not “disappear” overnight with the development team.

Extremely low threshold level to enter the platform. The minimum deposit required to open a trading account is only $ 50. Don't tell me you don’t have $ 50 to start trading (in case you really don’t - we feel for you, brother. Been there).

Various deposit methods, be it e-wallets, Wire Transfers, or credit/debit cards.

Social Trading Feature

Pocket Option
Social Trading Feature

So, now that you are familiar with a shortlist of the platform's advantages, let's move on to a more detailed description of the assets available for trading on Pocket Option.

So...What can you trade with Pocket Option?

As mentioned earlier, the platform provides over 130+ different assets for trading, such as cryptocurrencies, regular currency pairs, stocks of the largest companies, binary options, the list goes on and on...

Of course, since Pocket Option was primarily developed with the aim of providing online binary options broker services, it is binary options that provide the highest return of more than 95 percent, which is significantly ahead of the platform's competitors with much lower profitability.

Options can be traded on various timeframes, with expiration dates ranging from 1 minute to several hours or even days. So if you don't like day trading and prefer longer timeframes, then you have a choice.

Pocket Option

Pocket Option

If you need preliminary training to practice your trader skills, you can try your hand at a demo account with a balance of 10 thousand dollars. Of course, this differs from a real trading account, since the money is virtual, but you can test your skills (by the way, registration is not required to trade on a demo account).


let's move on to the most important and practical part concerning the actual registration on the Pocket Option platform and the subsequent opening of your trading account.

We will not walk you through all the registration steps in detail, since the whole process is absolutely identical to the usual registration process on hundreds of other sites, ranging from other similar online broker platforms to dating sites.

Instead, we will limit ourselves to a brief summary of what is required of you and what conditions are required to open your trading account on the platform.

Pocket Option

Pocket Option

Of course, in the registration window, you will need to indicate your email address and phone number (with subsequent confirmation in order to verify your account).

If you want to verify your identity for full verification, you will also need to upload the relevant documents (passport photo) and wait a while (usually a couple of days) to confirm your data.

After completing all the previous steps, you will need to deposit a certain amount into your account to start trading, but do not forget that the threshold level on Pocket Option has been significantly reduced compared to other platforms and the minimum amount required for trading is only $ 50.

Pocket Option Demo

Pocket Option Demo

Everyone loves
bonuses, right?

We studied the platform and found out that, among other advantages, Pocket Option has a system of bonuses and achievements that are possible if certain conditions are met, such as depositing an amount to your trading account and achieving a certain trading volume.

Thus, the platform developers encourage motivated and successful traders to continue day trading on an ongoing basis.

Also, do not forget about various contests from the authors of the project. Battle of traders, where you can compete with traders around the world for a cash prize or contests (like crypto airdrops) where you will need to complete a number of tasks (like subscribing to Twitter and other social networks, and so on).

The excitement around the project gives developers a motivation to promote their project to the masses in every possible way, in turn motivating users to continue working with the platform.

Pocket Option App

Pocket Option App

Pocket Option App

Do you have an Android? Pocket Option is your choice.

IOS? Pocket Option is your choice!

Cross-platform functionality allows the Pocket Option application to be universal for all types of devices and operating systems since the platform is available on any device: as a mobile application, directly through the web version in the browser, via specially designed official Telegram bot or using the specialized software Metatrader 5...

This is how the web version of the Pocket Option app looks in a browser.

This is how the web version of the Pocket Option app looks in a browser. As you can see, the program interface is extremely easy to use and intuitive. We don't even know if we should explain in detail to you where what is?

I think we'd rather let you figure it out on your own in live practice - experience suggests that this way information is much better absorbed.

After half an hour of acquaintance with the platform, you will be guided through it like at home.

MetaTrader 5

Pocket Option
MetaTrader 5

So, we told you about the advantages of the platform, its cross-platform, and its compatibility with various devices. Now is the time to talk about the much-vaunted MetaTrader 5, which is also available on Pocket Option.

MetaTrader 5. What is it and what it does?

MetaTrader 5 ... This magnificent combination of a word and a number echoes warmth in the hearts of millions of traders around the planet, since everyone who tried to join the world of day trading, one way or another, had heard about this software.

Why are we talking about MetaTrader in the context of the Pocket Option discussion?

The fact is that Pocket Option provides MetaTrader with the ability to trade assets (including precious metals, Forex, and cryptocurrencies) on their platform.

MetaTrader 5

Pocket Option
MetaTrader 5

As in the case of Pocket Option, Metatrader 5 is available both as a web version (via your browser) and as the original software, which you can simply download from the platform's official website. Also, among other things, a mobile application is available at your service (however... where to go without it in our day and time??).

Trading binary options (the main trading tool of the Pocket Option platform) is extremely straightforward and not difficult to master. In fact, you simply choose the asset on which you are going to trade (it can be currency pairs or cryptocurrencies) and try to predict the upcoming asset price. Then you decide - will the asset rise or fall in price after the expiration time of the transaction ends?

Accordingly, then you choose either call or short and wait for your trade to complete.

Of course, choosing “blindly” and hoping for luck is not worth it - this “strategy” will not lead to anything good (speaking from a personal unfortunate experience).

You will need at least basic knowledge of technical analysis in order to see an approximate forecast of the price of a selected asset in Japanese candlesticks and charts.

Either focus only on fundamental analysis (for beginners, we would recommend it as more “comprehended” and intuitive, as opposed to the dominance of semi-abstract complex charts and patterns) and try to predict the asset price based on news reports, FUDs, and Elon Musk's tweets.

Most of the time this method proves to be even more legit.

As for technical analysis, this is such a vast and complex topic that we will have to write a separate article in order to familiarize the reader with the material at least in a basic form, so here we will not even give you a short summary.

Technical analysis might be quite frustrating at the first the second as well, though

Pocket Option
Technical analysis might be quite frustrating at the first the second as well, though

Just to mention that, as with any high-quality trading platform, Pocket Option provides you with all the tools for professional technical analysis, that is, you can rest assured that all the most useful and important indicators will be available to you for use immediately on the chart.

A unique feature of Pocket Option is SOCIAL TRADING & SIGNALS.

What does the word "copy trade" tell you?

If you have ever been interested in day trading, you must have come across tempting offers to automatically copy deals of experienced traders, only using your deposit money.

Sounds tempting, doesn't it?

Imagine that you are not very knowledgeable in technical analysis, but would like to do well in the Forex or cryptocurrency markets.

With Social Trading on the Pocket Option platform, you can simply copy the trades of more successful and experienced traders - the platform allows you to watch the trades of other traders in real-time.

Trying out with any of them, you can simply start “copying” its most successful trades (the platform also provides the ability to indicate the amount of your investment in trade and set a mandatory stop limit, upon reaching which your trade will be automatically closed, in order to avoid complete loss of the deposit).

Pocket Option Copy Trade Feature

Pocket Option
Pocket Option Copy Trade Feature

Also, in addition to copy trading, Pocket Option also provides the ability to trade by signals to buy and sell certain assets, which are calculated using the most complex mathematical algorithms and advanced developments in the field of technical analysis of the stock market.

Bonuses, Achievements, and the reward system in general.

As we mentioned earlier, Pocket Option encourages the most active “players” of the platform. The bonus “currency” of the platform is the so-called “Gems”, which users have the opportunity to get by performing certain actions, whether it is full verification on the platform or reaching a certain trading volume by a specified date.

Pocket Option “Gems”

Pocket Option “Gems”

What are the benefits of these “Gems”?

  • Bots
  • Cashback trades
  • VIP Tickets
  • Boosters for more yield
With Gems you can “boost” your deposit

With Gems you can “boost” your deposit

Our conclusion

After trading a little both on a demo account and on a live trading account, we came to the conclusion that the Pocket Option platform is one of the most reliable and high-quality platforms for providing online broker services.

Among other things, the platform is extremely user-friendly, very flexible in terms of cross-platform and a variety of financial instruments. Among other things, the ability to trade via MetaTrader 5 is also a nice bonus.

Developers actively encourage the most successful and ambitious users, for this the authors of the project have developed a system for issuing bonuses with the native bonus token “Gem”. There is also a unique feature of the platform - trading by signals and trading using copy-trades.

Pocket Option Review

Pocket Option Review

How to open a trading account:

To trade on a demo account, you just need to select the appropriate option in the main menu, since registration is not required. What for? No real money is used on the demo account

However, to open a real trading account, you will need to provide your email and phone number, and for full verification, you will also need to provide your personal data, as well as upload your identification documents and a photo.

The platform works very quickly, therefore, as a rule, you do not have to wait for a confirmation of verification for a long time, a maximum of 2-3 days.

Pocket Option App

Pocket Option App

Deposit methods

As you can see in the screenshot, Pocket Option provides a huge number of different methods of depositing and withdrawing funds, including the debit cards you already know (Visa & Mastercard), and methods of depositing funds through cryptocurrency networks, ranging from USDT and Bitcoin, ending with BNB and Zcash.

Additional advantages include the minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts, which are equal to $ 50 and $ 10, respectively. It is also worth mentioning that there are no commissions for depositing funds (in any case, this is what the project website reports).

As for the withdrawal of funds, on the Pocket Option platform it takes a maximum of 3 days, and in most cases - less than a day and no additional commissions for withdrawing funds are also provided (however, by the time you read this article, this option may have changed).

Bonus system of rewards and achievements

Pocket Option provides its users with various bonuses, for example, a bonus for depositing a certain amount into your trading account, which allows you to significantly increase your trading volumes.

Bonuses can also be canceled or activated at any time convenient for you.

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Bonus 50%
Minimum deposit 50$

Customer Support Quality

The quality of a particular platform is largely determined by the quality of its support service, and in this regard, Pocket Option stands out significantly even among its more eminent colleagues, such as the Bitcoin Revolution, for example.

Pocket Option Review

Pocket Option Review

Firstly, the support service works around the clock and without technical issues. You can ask your question in a special chat and the currently available technical support agent will immediately answer your question and help you solve the problem.

Secondly, technical support is multilingual and is available not only in different languages but also in various forms, be it a call or a chat window. Also, in addition to technical support, you can ask other traders for help - the program interface provides a chat for users.

Is Pocket Option legit?

We think that it's safe to say “yes”.

Based on our experience with the platform, we can confidently conclude that Pocket Option is a reliable and proven online broker for trading over 350+ assets using a wide variety of instruments that can provide you with a regular income (with the diligence and constant improvement of your trader qualification).

Multi-platform, speed of execution of transactions (without any delays), the presence of variability in the methods of depositing money into the trading account, the presence of indicators and other tools for thoughtful technical analysis, unique Social Trading options and trading by signals, a large friendly community of traders and qualified the work of technical support combined makes the Pocket Option platform one of the best today.

Pocket Option Update May 2023

Pocket Option is a cryptocurrency exchange platform launched in 2018 that allows users to trade perpetual derivative contracts for cryptocurrencies with leverage up to x100.

The Pocket Option exchange is aimed at users from all over the world, therefore it offers a multilingual interface and technical support, a demo account, 24/7 operators, an efficient and fair trading environment.

Perpetual contracts among those that are currently available include: BTCUSDT, XLMUSDT, ETHUSDT, etc.

Pocket Option has a powerful system core that allows you to process up to 100,000 transactions every second without overloads.

  • Leverage up to x100.
  • Hedging.
  • Multiple order types and closing strategies.
  • High liquidity.
  • Technical support works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in any of the available languages.
  • The security of assets is ensured by moving them to offline wallets.
  • High technical equipment. The server runs smoothly and all the updates are implemented in real time.
Pocket Option Update May 2023

Pocket Option is a cryptocurrency exchange, which is one of the biggest futures trading platforms today, with the ability to store crypto on a trading account, using it as a crypto wallet.

Pocket Option provides the opportunity to trade derivatives with leverage up to 100x (long and short trades are available).

With 1 Bitcoin on your account, you can open a trading position up to 100 BTC. The daily cash turnover on this exchange almost always exceeds $100 million.

Pocket Option Login

Registering an account takes only a couple of minutes, includes specifying an email address and a password.

Since 2019, you need to pass verification to make exchange transactions on the Pocket Option cryptocurrency platform.

Pocket Option is officially licensed to provide cryptocurrency services.

You can buy cryptocurrency on the Pocket Option exchange through the cryptocurrency pairs trading section. In the "Trades" tab there is a chart of all the cryptocurrencies available and their current rate.

Types of orders on Pocket Option

There are three forms of buy/sell orders:

Limit order

For example, the BTC/USD rate is $38,000. The user expects the rate to fall down a bit and plans to buy for $37,500.

He places a limit order indicating the volume: when the rate reaches the specified mark, the order will be executed, and the indicated amount will be immediately purchased.

Pocket Option Binary Options Interface

Pocket Option Binary Options Interface

How to place a limit order:

"Trades" tab - select a pair (for example, BTC / USDT) - "Limit" - specify the amount of currency to be purchased and the price of buying or selling.

Market Order

Buying cryptocurrency using Market order.

In this case, you simply buy any amount of cryptocurrency of your choice by the market price, which means that your order will be executed right away. You only need to specify the desired amount.

Quick Exchange

After replenishing your Pocket Option account, you can easily exchange your cryptocurrency for any other cryptocurrency, thereby buying Bitcoins, Litecoins, Monero, Dash, Ethereum, etc.

Go to the "Quick exchange" section from the top menu of the site, specify cryptocurrencies, indicate the amount to be exchanged.

Pocket Option Mobile App

Pocket Option Mobile App

Placing a stop-order

A stop order is a type of limit order used in order to automatically close a transaction, whenever a predetermined threshold value of the rate is reached, in order to significantly reduce the risks.

Pocket Option Tech Support

We recommend that you contact the support team with any questions you may have by creating a ticket. The reply from the support team will be processed within a day.

However, keep in mind - when there is a large influx of new customers, thus it might take a little longer to wait for a response.

You should definitely set up two-factor verification (2FA) in order to protect your account from hacking.

We remind you that after registering on Pocket Option, you will receive an email link, which you need to follow and confirm your registration.

It is better to use a complex password and verify your account before proceeding to trading.

Pocket Option Conclusion

After several years of working with the Pocket Option exchange, we will share our personal opinion and feedback.

Pocket Option is officially licensed to provide cryptocurrency services.

You can buy cryptocurrency on the Pocket Option exchange through the cryptocurrency pairs trading section. In the "Trades" tab there is a chart of all the cryptocurrencies available and their current rate.

Pocket Option Conclusion

The platform seems to work like a clockwork.

Withdrawal to Advcash, Payeer or even debit cards took couple of minutes (though in some cases it might take a couple of hours); USDT transfer worked instantly, Bitcoin was withdrawn within a few minutes as well.

The main advantages of the exchange include:

  • Quick & easy registration process which takes no more than a couple minutes;
  • Simple and convenient exchange/ trading on the platform;
  • A large number of ways to fund your Pocket Option account or withdraw money from it.
  • There is a deposit and withdrawal of fiat (dollars, euros) available, which is a big advantage over other cryptocurrency exchanges, that don’t allow that.
  • You can buy BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP and basically, any other cryptocurrency very quickly and easily after replenishing the balance.

As you can see, the Pocket Option exchange is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.

Although be sure to read the "User Agreement" and other regulatory documents before registering on it.

You must carefully read the rules! For example, if the password or other credentials are changed, then the withdrawal will be blocked for three days for security reasons!

Many clients do not know this because they do not read the agreements, and then they have questions why withdrawals are not available.