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The Justice Academy distributes instructional materials and classes in a variety of ways. The eCampus section of the Academy is designed for comprehensive courses and is delivered using Moodle. The Justice Academy provides staff resources necessary to convert your educational assets to this Learning Management System and supports every aspect of production with technology support, programming staff, or pedagogical consultation. Departments may designate specific training programs and information as confidential if they deem necessary in order to restrict viewing to only those presently serving as peace officers, prosecutors, or judges.

The iShare feature and other sections of the site are wide open and visible to anyone so be careful not to post confidential information. We encourage all departments, agencies, and members of the profession to consider the merits of sharing your knowledge and experience with the national audience of law and justice professionals. It is extremely important to enable, empower, and encourage our colleagues throughout the nation by making training resources readily available. Officers serving in rural areas of the nation often do not have the access to the same training opportunities as those of us serving in more heavily populated areas of the country. Your contributions to the eCampus, iShare, or Video sections of the Academy may help them to overcome their challenge in mastering a particular aspect of the profession. Similarly, shrinking budgets and increasing demands for service make it more difficult for all of us to attend essential and advancement centered training programs, so the more we share with one another, the better off we all are in overcoming this significant challenge. Finally, it is plainly evident that many of you have developed a level of expertise throughout your careers that demands our attention. The Accrediting Commission for Law and Justice Education and the Justice Academy would be grateful if you took the time to share that information with all of us in order to advance the knowledge base of your colleagues and help us attain a new level of excellence and ability.

To make it easy for you to create narrated training materials that you can submit to either the Justice Academy’s eCampus or iShare repository, please download the Powerpoint Slide pack in the link below. After you have built your slides, you can narrate your lecture and embed it directly within the presentation by selecting Slideshow>Record Slide Show. We recommend that you leave the Slide and Animation Timings and the Narrations and Laser Pointer settings in the default mode (meaning leave the check mark in both boxes). That way, your presentation will play uninterrupted when downloaded. Once completed, we recommend that you Compress the file. This feature can be found under the Save option. To transmit the completed files to Justice Academy for viewing, please email the file to us at [email protected] For large files or a collection of training materials that you wish to share, contact us and we will make arrangements to give you FTP access to our server so you can upload your materials.

For those who have textual materials that they wish to contribute to the Justice Academy, you may either email them as an attachment or send us the link and we’ll do the rest. The Justice Academy is an evolutionary project that was initiated for the expressed purpose of assembling significant writings, presentations, and lectures that can be freely distributed to the law and justice profession. Your help in providing these materials is essential.

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